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The activities of the IEEE Hungary Section have contributed significantly to the development of the Hungarian engineering and technology community in recent years. It focuses on mentoring talented young engineers and technologists, and organizing a number of conferences and training courses to enhance professional knowledge and international contacts.

Talent Development and Mentoring

The IEEE Hungary Section places a special emphasis on identifying and supporting talented young people, with mentoring programmes that provide experienced professionals to help young talents with professional and career development issues. Mentors provide personalized advice, practical guidance and valuable industry contacts that enable young engineers to maximize their potential. Mentoring is not just about passing on technical knowledge, but also about defining a career path, setting objectives and planning the necessary steps to achieve them. This process is crucial for young talent as it helps them to achieve their professional goals and build successful careers in technical fields.

Conferences and Training

The IEEE Hungary Section regularly organises conferences and training courses that provide professionals with the opportunity to keep up to date with the latest trends and technological developments in the industry. These events not only help to expand knowledge, but also provide a platform for professional networking and collaboration. The conferences cover a wide range of topics, including electrical engineering, computer science, biotechnology and robotics. The events are often accompanied by workshops and interactive sessions where participants can directly apply their new knowledge. And the training courses are specific training courses designed to provide in-depth technical knowledge and a practical approach to new technologies.

Membership and Growth

The number of members of the IEEE Hungary Section has been steadily increasing in recent years, indicating the attractiveness and effectiveness of the organization’s activities.In 2022, the number of members was 468, in 2023 it increased to 556, and in 2024 it will have 632 members. This growth is not only the result of the organisation’s activity, but also a reflection of the growing interest in the values and opportunities it offers. The activities of the IEEE Hungary Section provide comprehensive support to the Hungarian engineering and technology community. By mentoring talented young people and organizing professional conferences and training sessions, members are able to develop, build relationships and contribute to industry innovation. The growth of the organisation’s membership is further evidence of the important role that IEEE Hungary Section plays in the life of the domestic technical community.


IEEE Hungary Executive Committee