3rd of November, 2014, OU
Professor Ephraim Suhir
Probabilistic Design for Reliability in Electronics and Photonics: Role,
Attributes, Challenges

14th of September 2015, OU
Prof. Wesley Snyder
Using Sketches as Passwords

31st of August 2015, OU
Professor Jacek M. Zurada
Towards Better Understanding of Data: Constrained Learning of Latent
Features in Neural Networks,

31st of August 2015, OU
William A. Gruver
Algorithmic Trading Systems

05/06/2013. 2:30 PM
Prof. Mark Halpin
Arc Flash Hazard Analysis and Avoidance: Theory and Practice in the USA

01/07/2013 - 3 PM
Prof. SAIFUR RAHMAN, Director, Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute, USA
The Smart Grid - What Makes It Practic

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